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Friday, June 30, 2017

Bowlus Bass Borg (gear in the 'collective')


Acoustic Image Clarus SL
Aguilar DB 750
Ampeg Micro-VR (two)
Ampeg PF-500 (possibly for sale/trade)
Ampeg PF-50T
Ampeg SVT ('74)
Ampeg SVT-7Pro
Ampeg SVT-8Pro (USA-made)
Ampeg V-4B ('75)
Ampeg V-4B ('14)
Ashdown Labs Superfly
Bergantino B|Amp
Carvin B1500
Carvin BX500 (possibly for sale/trade)
Darkglass Microtubes 900
Demeter VTBP-M-800D
EA iAMP 200 (possibly for sale/trade)
EA iAMP 350 (possibly for sale/trade)
EA iAMP 500 (possibly for sale/trade)
EA iAMP 600 (possibly for sale/trade)
EA iAMP 800 (possibly for sale/trade)
EBS Reidmar (possibly for sale/trade)
EBS Reidmar 750
Eden VT-300
Eden WT-405
Epiphone Valve Jr. (5w tube guitar head, but works on bass)
Fender 800 Pro
Fender 400PS (getting refurb'd)
Gallien-Krueger 700RB-II
Gallien-Krueger 2001RB
Gallien-Krueger Fusion 550
Gallien-Krueger MB200
Gallien-Krueger MB500 (possibly for sale/trade)
Gallien-Krueger MB800
Gallien-Krueger MB Fusion (possibly for sale/trade)
Gallien-Krueger MB Fusion 800
Genzler Magellan 800
Glockenklang Bass Art Classic
Glockenklang Blue Soul
Glockenklang Heart-Core (possibly for sale/trade)
Hartke HA5500 (for sale/trade)
Hartke LH1000
Hughes & Kettner B.A.T.T (possibly for sale/trade)
Markbass Big Bang (possibly for sale/trade)
Markbass Classic 300 (possibly for sale/trade)
Markbass F500
Markbass LMII
Markbass MoMark (3 systems; for sale)
Markbass Studio Pre 500
Mesa/Boogie Bass 400
Mesa/Boogie D-180
Mesa/Boogie WalkAbout (three)
Mesa/Boogie Fathom (M6 Carbine)
Mesa/Boogie Titan V-12
Mesa/Boogie Prodigy
Mesa/Boogie Strategy
Mesa/Boogie Subway D-800
Mesa/Boogie Subway D-800+
Music Man Audiophile HD-500 (possibly for sale/trade)
Orange AD200B/MK3
Orange Terror Bass 500
Peavey Classic 400
Peavey MiniMega
Phil Jones Bass M-300 (for sale/trade)
Phil Jones Bass M-500
Reeves Custom 225
Reiner Studio 1200
Sadowsky SA200
SWR Electric Blue (modded to Baby Blue II specs; possibly for sale/trade)
TC Electronic BH250
TC Electronic RH750
TecAmp Puma 900
Trace Elliot AH1200SM
Trace Elliot Twin Valve
Trace Elliot V8
Trace Elliot VA400
Trace Elliot V-Type 600H (possibly for sale/trade)
Traynor Mono Block B (for sale/trade)
Traynor YBA200 (possibly for sale/trade)
Tube Works RT-2100-ES (for sale/trade)
Walter Woods Ultra


Acoustic Image Flex Pre
Aguilar DB659
ART Tube MP Studio
Demeter HBP-1
Demeter VTBP-201 (possibly for sale/trade)
Demeter VTBP-201s
EBS MicroBass II (possibly for sale/trade)
EBS ValveDrive (pedal)
Eden Navigator
Fender TBP-1 (possibly for sale/trade)
Hughes & Kettner B.A.T.T (possibly for sale/trade)
Hughes & Kettner Tubeman (possibly for sale/trade)
ISP Technologies Beta Bass Processor (possibly for sale/trade)
Jule Amps Monique
Kern IP-777
Mesa/Boogie Subway Bass DI/Preamp
Millennia STT-1 Origin (possibly for sale/trade)
Millennia TD-1
Peavey TMP-1
Phil Jones Bass Buddy
Phil Jones Bass P-1
PreSonus TubePre
Radial Bassbone (possibly for sale/trade)
Radial Bassbone V2
Raven Labs MDB-1
Skjold Pro Sound prototype tube preamp (two; possibly for sale/trade)
Stewart UDP-1a (two; one for sale/trade)
Summit Audio TD-100
The Low End custom 2-channel 12AX7 True Voice (table top)
Trace Elliot TVT9 (guitar preamp, but sounds great on bass!)
Trace Elliot V-Type Pre
Tube Works Blue Tube (rackmount)

Power Amps:

Aguilar DB 728 (tube amp)
Ashdown PM 600 (for sale/trade)
Crest CA9 (three; two possibly for sale/trade)
Crown XLS 602
Demeter Minnie 800D
Demeter VTHF-300M (tube amp; possibly for sale/trade)
Eden WT-1000
Mesa/Boogie M-190 (tube amp; possibly for sale/trade)
Phil Jones Bass M-5000
Stewart World 2.1 (possibly for sale/trade)
Trace Elliot VR350 (tube amp)


Accugroove Tri 208 (for sale/trade)
Accugroove Tri 115L (possibly for sale/trade)
Accugroove Whappo, Jr. (possibly for sale/trade)
Acoustic Image Flex Cab
Ampeg B-40 ('75)
Ampeg PF-115HE (possibly for sale/trade)
Ampeg SVT-210AV (four)
Ampeg SVT-212AV
Ampeg SVT-810E
Ashdown Mini15 (two; for sale/trade)
Ashdown Mini48 (two; for sale/trade)
AudioKinesis Hathor 1203 (two)
AudioKinesis Hathor 1855
AudioKinesis TC112AF
AudioKinesis TC115AF (Wide Body)
Azola Super Wizzy 2x12 (two; possibly for sale/trade)
Baer Amps ML-112 (two)
Bag End D12-D
Bag End S12E-C (blemished; for sale/trade cheap)
Bergantino custom 1x15 sub's (two; for sale/trade)
Bergantino custom 3x8
Bergantino AE112 (two)
Bergantino AE210 (two; one possibly for sale/trade)
Bergantino AE410
Bergantino CN212
Bergantino EX112 (possibly for sale/trade)
Bergantino EX115
Bergantino HG310 (two)
Bergantino HD212
Bergantino HS210 (possibly for sale/trade)
Bergantino HS410 (possibly for sale/trade)
Bergantino HT110 (two)
Bergantino HT112 (possibly for sale/trade)
Bergantino HT112 ER (two)
Bergantino HT115 (two; possibly for sale/trade)
Bergantino HT210 (two; possibly for sale/trade)
Bergantino HT310 (two; possibly for sale/trade)
Bergantino HT322
Bergantino IP112 (powered cab w/ DSP)
Bergantino IP153 (powered cab w/ DSP)
Bergantino IP212 (powered cab w/ DSP)
Bergantino IP310 (powered cab w/ DSP)
Bergantino NV115 (two)
Bergantino NV215
Bergantino NV412
Bergantino NV610
Carvin LS1503 (two)
EA iL-110
EA NL-210 (two)
EA NM-410 (possibly for sale/trade)
EA VL-108 (two)
EA VL-110 (two)
EA VL-208 (three; one 4-ohm)
EA Wizzy (two; possibly for sale/trade)
EA Wizzy 10 (two)
fEarful 15/6/1
fEarful 12/6cube/1
Gallien-Krueger Neo112-II (two)
Gallien-Krueger Neo212-II
Gallien-Krueger Neo410 (possibly for sale/trade)
Genzler BA12-3 (three)
Glockenklang 6-Box (6x10; two; one for sale/trade)
Glockenklang Double (2x12; two)
Glockenklang Duo (2x10)
Glockenklang Duo Wedge (2x10)
Glockenklang Space Deluxe (1x12)
Glockenklang Take 5 (4x10)
Hartke VX810 (for sale/trade)
Hevos Midget (4 ohm)(possibly for sale/trade)
ISP Technologies Bass Vector 115 (1,000w powered cab)(possibly for sale/trade)
Markbass CL108 (possibly for sale/trade)
Mesa/Boogie Diesel 4x10 (Deep version)
Mesa/Boogie Diesel Powerhouse Jr. (1x12, 4x8)(possibly for sale/trade)
Mesa/Boogie Diesel 2x15 EV
Mesa/Boogie Powerhouse PH210
Mesa/Boogie Powerhouse PH212
Mesa/Boogie Powerhouse PH610
Mesa/Boogie Scout 1x12 (three)
Mesa/Boogie Subway 112 (two)
Mesa/Boogie Subway 115
Mesa/Boogie Subway 210
Mesa/Boogie Traditional Powerhouse PH410
Mesa/Boogie Traditional Powerhouse PH810 (possibly for sale)
Michael Arnopol Soundworks MAS-210Flex
Michael Arnopol Soundworks MAS-66/110
Music Man HD-210 (possibly for sale/trade)
Music Man HD-212 (possibly for sale/trade)
Orange OBC-410
Orange OBC-115 (two)
Orange SP410 (neo drivers)
Orange SP212 (neo drivers)
Orange SP210 (neo drivers)
Patterson Audio/LDS 2x8's (two, 2-way) (possibly for sale/trade)
Peavey 1820 (for sale locally)
Phil Jones Bass 4B (two; for sale/trade)
Phil Jones Bass Neo-Power 8B (two)
Phil Jones PB-300 (250w powered 6x5)
Reeves 4x10 (sealed)
Sadowsky SA210
Sadowsky SA410 (two)
SWR Henry the 8x8 (for sale/trade)
TecAmp S212 Classic
Trace Elliot 4052H (4x5 "Bright Box")
Trace Elliot 1048H (possibly for sale/trade)
Trace Elliot 1153 (two)
Trace Elliot 1524
Trace Elliot 2103H (possibly for sale/trade)
Trace Elliot 1x10 (two; one with tweeter; possibly for sale/trade)
Trace Elliot custom 1x12 (made by Steve Azola from the cab portion of a Twin Valve Combo)
Wayne Jones 2x10 (two; possibly for sale/trade)
Wayne Jones WJ110 pair (one powered, one slave)
Yamaha BBT110S (two; possibly for sale/trade)


AER amp one
Ampeg B-15N ('66)
Euphonic Audio iAMP 350 Combo (1x10)
Fender Bassman TV 12
Fender RAD Bass
Ibanez Promethean P5210
Mesa/Boogie WalkAbout Scout 1x12 (three)
Phil Jones Flightcase BG-150
Phil Jones Roadcase BG-800
Pignose B-100v (1x15)
SWR Baby Blue II
SWR Super Redhead
Trace Elliot BLX 150 (for sale/trade)
Trace Elliot Twin Valve Combo (two; one 1x15 and one 1x12)

Electric Basses:

AC Guitars Recurve Type-S 5
AC Guitars Graft Finn 4
Acoustic Black Widow
Aquilina Shelby 5
B.C. Rich Warlock (USA Custom; for sale/trade)
Carvin SB4000 (possibly for sale/trade)
Carvin PB5
Celinder J-Update 5
Celinder Vintage Precision 4
Curbow Custom Jazz 5 Fretless
Danelectro Baritone (possibly for sale/trade)
DeArmond Pilot 5 Deluxe (w/ upgraded electronics)(possibly for sale/trade)
Dingwall Afterburner 4 (NAMM prototype)
Dingwall Z3
Drake Model 7 (4-string)
Epiphone El Capitan
Epiphone Viola Bass
F Bass BN4
F Bass BN5
F Bass Studio 5
F Bass VFP4
F Bass VF5
Fender Mod Shop Jazz Bass
Fender Steve Harris Precision Bass
Fender Jazz (1973)(possibly for sale/trade)
Fender Precision (1974)(possibly for sale/trade)
Fender Hollowbody Precision A/E (MIJ; with upgrades)
Fender Power Jazz Bass Special
Fibenare Globe 5 Bolt-On
Fodera Emperor 5 Standard
Fodera Monarch 4 Custom
Gibson Explorer
Gibson Thunderbird IV
Gibson Thunderbird Nikki Sixx Signature (possibly for sale)
Gibson SB Standard Bass (possibly for sale)
Gibson Grabber II (Limited Edition; possibly for sale)
Gibson Victory Custom
Gold Tone M-Bass25
Gretsch 5123B Electromatic (possibly for sale/trade)
Groove Shoppe 5 (custom)
Guild Pilot
Ibanez ATK750KOA
Ibanez USA Custom ATK 4-string (possibly for sale/trade)
Ibanez Mikro
Ibanez Road Star II DB 680 (possibly for sale/trade)
Jerzy Drozd Excellency V (possibly for sale)
Journey Instruments OB660P1 Carbon Fiber Acoustic Bass
Kala Acoustic-Electric U-Bass (solid mahogany; fretless)(possibly for sale/trade)
Kala Solid Body 5-String U-Bass (fretless)(possibly for sale/trade)
Ken Lawrence Associate 5 (possibly for sale/trade)
Kinal Kompact S (solid body; short scale)
Lakland Skyline 44-64 Custom (fka Duck Dunn Signature Model)
Lakland Skyline DJ-4 (Aero pickups)
Lotus 4-string (my first bass!)
Marleaux Consat 5 (neck-through)
Marleaux Consat Soprano
MTD 435-24 (mahogany/quilted maple/maple/ebony)
MTD 535-24 (chambered alder/water cured redwood/maple/blistered ebony; Marilyn #3)
MTD 535-24 (makore body, ebony tope, flamed ash & white wenge neck, birdseye maple board)
MTD Saratoga 4 (alder body, maple neck, birdseye maple board)
Nordstrand 'Nordy' vJ5 (alder/rosewood)
Nordstrand 'Nordy' vJ5 (ash/maple)
Pedulla MVP4
Pedulla Nuance 4-string
Pedulla Pentabuzz (possibly for sale/trade)
Reverend Rumblefish XL
Rob Allen Mouse 30 (fretless)
Sadowsky P/J 5
Sadowsky Will Lee Model 4-string
Schecter Stiletto Diamond Series 8-string (for sale/trade)
Skjold Custom 5
Skjold Exotic Custom 4
Skjold Exotic Custom 5 (fretless)
Skjold Lion's Pride 5, Type A
Skjold Lion's Pride 5, Type B
Skjold Skjoldslayer 4 (with bottle opener!)
Squier VM Precision TB
Squier VM Telecaster Bass Special
Squier by Fender '62 Jazz Bass Reissue (1983, early CIJ)
Sterling by Music Man Ray34CA
Tobias (Burbank era) Basic 4, #1992 (possibly for sale/trade)
Tobias (pre-Gibson) Basic 5, # 766 - Jimmy Haslip model
Tobias Killer-B 4, #2019 (possibly for sale/trade)
Tom Clement 4-string (fretless)
Wilkins Cheyenne 5
Wyn 5-string
Yamaha BB2025x (possibly for sale)
Yamaha TRBX504

Upright Bass:

1950's Kay C-1, with Barbera Bridge Transducer pickup