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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Tom's Gear For Sale!

It may come as a surprise to some of you that I would even consider selling anything, but the truth of the matter is that I do have a finite amount of space (and not-infinite resources!), so every now and then, something has to go. This is a list of gear that I might sell. I reserve the right to change my mind at any point, so if you see something you really like, hopefully you'll catch me in the right mood. ;^] Once I commit to a sale, though, I will of course follow through.

Here's the gear that I may be tempted to let go for one reason or another:


Ampeg PF-500
Carvin BX500
EA iAMP 200
EA iAMP 350
EA iAMP 500
EA iAMP 600
EBS Reidmar
Gallien-Krueger MB500
Gallien-Krueger MB Fusion
Glockenklang Heart-Core
Hartke HA5500
Hughes & Kettner B.A.T.T
Markbass Big Bang
Markbass Classic 300
Markbass MoMark (3 systems)
Music Man Audiophile HD-500
Phil Jones Bass M-300
Trace Elliot V-Type 600H
Traynor Mono Block B
Traynor YBA200
Tube Works RT-2100


Demeter VTBP-201
EBS MicroBass II
Fender TBP-1
Hughes & Kettner B.A.T.T
Hughes & Kettner Tubeman
ISP Technologies Beta Bass Processor
Millennia STT-1 Origin
Radial Bassbone
Skjold Pro Sound prototype tube preamp (two)
Stewart UDP-1a

Power Amps:

Ashdown PM 600
Crest CA9 (two)
Demeter VTHF-300M (tube amp)
Mesa/Boogie M-190 (tube amp)
Stewart World 2.1


Accugroove Tri 208
Accugroove Tri 115L
Accugroove Whappo, Jr.
Ampeg PF-115HE
Ashdown Mini15 (two)
Ashdown Mini48 (two)
Azola Super Wizzy 2x12 (two)
Bag End S12E-C (blemished; for sale/trade cheap)
Bergantino custom 1x15 sub's (two)
Bergantino AE210
Bergantino EX112
Bergantino HS210
Bergantino HS410
Bergantino HT112
Bergantino HT115 (two)
Bergantino HT210 (two)
Bergantino HT310 (two)
EA NM-410
EA Wizzy (two)
Gallien-Krueger Neo410
Glockenklang 6-Box (6x10)
Hevos Midget (4 ohm)
ISP Technologies Bass Vector 115 (1,000w powered cab)
Markbass CL108
Mesa/Boogie Diesel Powerhouse Jr. (1x12, 4x8)
Mesa/Boogie Traditional Powerhouse PH810
Music Man HD-210
Music Man HD-212
Patterson Audio/LDS 2x8's (two, 2-way)
Peavey 1820 (for sale locally)
Phil Jones Bass 4B (two)
SWR Henry the 8x8 
Trace Elliot 1048H
Trace Elliot 2103H
Trace Elliot 1x10 (two; one with tweeter)
Wayne Jones 2x10 (two)
Yamaha BBT110S (two)


Trace Elliot BLX 150

Electric Basses:

B.C. Rich Warlock (USA Custom)
Carvin SB4000
Danelectro Baritone
DeArmond Pilot 5 Deluxe (w/ upgraded electronics)
Fender Jazz (1973)
Gibson Thunderbird Nikki Sixx Signature
Gibson SB Standard Bass
Gibson Ripper II
Gretsch 5123B Electromatic
Ibanez USA Custom ATK 4-string
Ibanez Road Star II DB 680
Jerzy Drozd Excellency V
Kala Acoustic-Electric U-Bass (solid mahogany; fretless)
Kala Solid Body 5-String U-Bass (fretless)
Ken Lawrence Associate 5
Schecter Stiletto Diamond Series 8-string
Tobias (Burbank era) Basic 4, #1992
Tobias Killer-B 4, #2019
Yamaha BB2025x