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I am an attorney by day, but that's really just my "backup gig" in case this whole "musician thing" doesn't work out. ;^) I was been blessed with the opportunity to write freelance reviews for Guitar World's Bass Guitar Magazine, and I contributed regularly from the Spring of 2006 up until Bass Guitar Magazine's demise. This was, in itself, a dream come true, and an opportunity for which I am truly grateful. But this was a stepping stone to bigger and better things, and I am now the Editor-in-Chief of Bass Gear Magazine ( Our first issue came out in August of 2008, and we are now the leading bass review magazine, worldwide. Of course, on the topic of my true blessings, I have a wife and two kids, all of whom I greatly adore, so my time for music/bass/songwriting/performing, and yes, even the occasional practicing, is not infinite. Nevertheless, I really enjoy my time spent playing bass, writing and recording songs, and just getting to "play" with all that great gear! This blog is a result of these external interests...

Monday, March 21, 2011

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If you are wondering why all the posts on this blog are so out of date, it is because I have been devoting the lion's share of my "free time" to Bass Gear Magazine. This is a magazine which I founded after Guitar World stopped publishing Bass Guitar Magazine (I wrote reviews for them prior to their demise).

Bass Gear Magazine is available in both a high quality print form and also an online digital form (for free!). We have some excellent staff, and we perform out own independent, detailed bench testing. Check us out at

Tom Bowlus


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